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The BackBeat Pro 2 had proven to be a comfortable and reliable companion during the recent holiday's long drives to provinces.
There will even be a chance to have your photograph taken with the Backbeat Beatles after the show.
According to the company, BackBeat Go 2 also offers the option of a sleek, durable, and compact charging and storage case that increases listening and talking time by two full charges (approximately 10 hours).
The BackBeat GO 2, which allows users to easily switch between listening to music, watching videos, and taking phone calls, delivers the ultimate in versatility and connectivity, for the music and media enthusiast and mobile professional.
The BackBeat Go 2 also comes with an option to club a charging and storage case that is supposed to increase listening and talking time by two full charges (approximately 10 hours).
Available for a reasonable price, the BackBeat Go 2 earbuds generate decent quality sound.
Onlookers gathered in the street below as the Backbeats, in bright Sgt Pepper costumes, played some of the Beatles' big hits.
BACKBEAT, the 1994 Beatles film, has been adapted for the stage - and we have teamed up with the producers to offer five readers the chance to win tickets to see the world premiere of the play in Glasgow this month.
B ut h e is a bout to st ar a s th e Scottish musician and artist in the world premiere of new stage show Backbeat when it opens in Glasgow next month.
The 1994 flick Backbeat - the story of the early days of the Beatles in Hamburg, Germany - has now been adopted for the stage.
The first album proper is a 60s-styled set that wears its heart on its sleeve, After All and As High As I Can Get loving homages to The Beatles, with wailing blues harp, hummable harmonies, and Mersey backbeat.
Favourite backers had made a brilliant start, with wins from Chomba Womba, Squadron and the first two Nicholls winners, but Scoop6 punters were hammered by Five Dream and Backbeat (28-1), outsider of the field in the finale.
Dark Magus: The Jekyll and Hyde Life of Miles Davis By Gregory Davis with Les Sussman Backbeat Books, November 2006 $24.
has acquired CMP Technology LLC's San Francisco-based Backbeat Books Division, the leading publisher of music reference books.
Hal Leonard Corporation (Milwaukee, WI) has acquired CMP Technology's (New York) Backbeat Books (San Francisco, CA) division, a producer of music reference books, for $2.