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one after the other


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of places play and trouble youngsters The last families were moved out of back-to-backs in 1969/1970.
Each house was like most of the other back-to-backs in the street, one room down and two up.
No more back-to-back houses, No more holes in your trouse's, Man-made soles on your shoes, Now society is failing, But there's no use complaining, It's enough to turn you to booze.
The unique back-to-backs in Court 15, Inge Street, are in an unlikely setting, surrounded by contemporary architecture but the city centre was once dominated by this style of housing.
Do you remember Birmingham's back-to-backs, or did you help on the restoration project?
We're 0-5 in back-to-back games now, but we can't use that excuse every time.
Today only one courtyard of back-to-backs, on the corner of Inge Street and Hurst Street, survives.
Two children play beneath the washline in a yard of back-to-backs | Two children play beneath the washline in a yard of back-to-backs |
Birmingham's last surviving court of 19th century back-to-back houses has won a prestigious European culture award.
If you're not a member, and you join when you visit the back-to-backs, your admission charge will be refunded.
When back-to-backs were first put up, each yard also had a shared well, but the water drawn from these wells was filthy and spread disease.
A Midland conservation group is planning a pounds 1 million renovation of the last remaining back-to-back houses in Birmingham.
The Back-to-Backs consist of 11 houses on the corner of Hurst Street and Inge Street, four of which have been restored to reflect the 1840s, 1870s, 1930s and 1970s.
Laura Alden, from the Back-to-Backs, said: "We have a close connection with the Hippodrome.
The houses are a group of two-storey back-to-backs unique to the city - described as being "almost rural in character" when compared to the similar protected properties in Hurst Street.