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a room located in the rear of an establishment

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Styles need to be appropriately represented in the back-room and readily available for the sales staff to take the right size to customers.
Professor Moyna was part of Pa Gilroy's back-room which won three Leinster titles and the All-Ireland in 2011.
In the short term he simply wants to plot the downfall tomorrow of a back-room staff he likes and respects.
DeWine's involvement in a back-room deal which continues to leave judicial nominees vulnerable to a reoccurring filibuster by Senate liberals.
promises to be even gayer than the stage play was," she wrote, mentioning the movie script's addition of a drag revue and a back-room orgy.
Skrovan said there are two key types of partnerships emerging in today's business: front-end alliances and back-room partnerships.
Boyish back-room rhythmic rivalries with political overtones have yielded to opulently escapist floor shows.
Corbett, whose style in and out of the ring helped bring acceptability to what had been an unsanctioned, back-room sport.
Down boss McCartan last night admitted that he does not yet have the 2002 All-Ireland winner on board as part of his back-room team for next year.
The Scot's elevation adds to the wealth of Warwickshire experience amd affection among the back-room staff.
MORE, long recognized for innovation, offers the only installed, in-production, image-enabled teller system in the United States that is fully integrated with back-room image POD.
ARMAGH have not given up hope of persuading Jim McCorry to join Paddy O'Rourke's back-room team.
WALSALL returned from Brighton with a creditable point last Tuesday but were well-beaten in the back-room staff numbers game.
MGM had a contractual option to reclaim back-room functions as part of its international distribution agreement with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Inc.
Financial Keyosk gives these trusted advisors a fast, cost-effective way to expand into new areas of financial services through its Web-based platform, broad range of products selected from top companies, back-room services powered by industry-leading technology, and Customer Care Center staffed with licensed agents.