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Coventry City Council has back-pedalled and we are extremely frustrated.
But Hamilton back-pedalled to turn the ball on to the top of the bar and over.
They back-pedalled when Pete pointed out he'd lived at the same address for 11 years and was a regional director for the English Institute of Sport.
Manila The Philippine government back-pedalled from its earlier pugnacious and strong stance against China with regard to overlapping territorial claims in the South China Sea, and declared a friendly foreign policy with the second largest economy in the world, with the help of the United Nations, following China's threat to impose economic sanctions on ten members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), a local paper reported.
But embarrassed party officials back-pedalled on the statistics and put the error down to a "computer incompatibility".
But in the 73rd minute he back-pedalled furiously to tip Paul Dalglish's header over the bar.
Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh had agreed several times to sign a deal but back-pedalled on the promise every time.
Adding insult to injury, he called the health service "second rate" but back-pedalled when the huge improvements under Labour were pointed out.
He back-pedalled to the rear of the field with a 73 for a four over par 217 and admitted: "I played badly, I didn't find anything out there.
He desperately back-pedalled with: "I never said anything rude about Cardiff.
Mr Howard, who stood down as leader after losing the 2005 election, first backed the invasion then desperately back-pedalled in the face of voter protest.
At the last general election he said the Tories would cut spending by pounds 20billion to pay for tax cuts, then back-pedalled when his figures did not add up.