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No, Unsurprisingly, everyone's offended by her comments, to back-pedal A Hilton spokesman said: "Paris's comments were dangerous for unprotected life-threatening intent to make comments about Paris is a huge gay community purposefully negative statements sexual orientation.
Unsurprisingly, everyone's been pretty offended by her comments, which has forced her to back-pedal furiously.
The BBC did their best to back-pedal on the gaffe, adding a bizarre note at the top of the page saying: "Not all predictions may work out precisely because of the nature of the draw.
After the consensus achieved between the parties, two out of nine PPP candidates will back-pedal in support of the MQM candidate.
If they point toward you--you change direction and back-pedal.
The injury occurred at the end of Saturday's practice when Ball became tangled up with defensive tackle Ryan Boschetti doing back-pedal drills.
charltonbrooker: I see Aiden Burley MP is representing Britain in the 200m back-pedal.
It had three gears - about 17 less than you need round here - and, worse, one of those brakes you have to back-pedal to apply.
While in his back-pedal, the corner is taught to (weave) in order to sustain or regain position from the receiver's stem.
Blackpool, who were now down to 10 men, started to back-pedal, and with seven minutes remaining, Igoe crossed again for skipper Andy Gurney to grab the second equaliser.
Ridden by Christophe Lemaire, Gallery God again attempted to make all, but was harried throughout the final half-mile by the German challenger Muskatsturm, and began to back-pedal two furlongs from home.
When the boot was on the other foot in the second spell and the Coast were forced to back-pedal, the Scots' Mark Grant dragged a shot off-target in a one-on-one with keeper Gerard McGuigan (Llangefni/Glantraeth).
Wagner attempted an impressive back-pedal, but Cheryl had cut him down to size.
It had the desired effect, with Reading forced to back-pedal for the first time and keeper Marcus Hahnemann given something to do.