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an alternative to the regular channels of communication that is used when agreements must be made secretly (especially in diplomacy or government)

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In his Facebook message, Sison confirmed that back-channel talks to "prepare the agenda" for formal negotiations have been ongoing since September and agreements on a ceasefire and social and economic reforms may be finished before President Aquino steps down in 2016.
The back-channel talks intend to address terrorism and other issues.
And the topography of the mostly dry back-channel would allow Wildish to remove rock from the proposed boatway and simply place it on the adjacent gravel gravel bar - leaving the bar untouched on the river side.
The proposed Senate measure, and several others also under consideration in Congress, pose a variety of stipulations, but some analysts say that getting China to comply will depend on back-channel efforts, not saber-rattling.
In particular, the FBI is looking with renewed interest at an unauthorized back-channel between Iranian dissidents and advisers in Feith's office, which more-senior administration officials first tried in vain to shut down and then later attempted to cover up.
Also: A report in the Sacramento Bee on Sunday had Derek Fisher covertly flirting with the Clippers for a post-Lakers career - alongside Bryant, whose back-channel interest in L.
There is no Defense Department back-channel on Iran," a senior official insisted.
This information, once gathered, is sent via back-channel Interact connections to Web servers, where it can be used for market research or worse.
The Japanese government is likely to keep using the back-channel contacts Hitoshi Tanaka, the head of the Foreign Ministry's Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau, maintains with North Korea even after he is promoted to deputy foreign minister, a top Foreign Ministry official said Thursday.
92 hardware modem provides broadcasters with a high-performance and cost-effective solution for back-channel communication without the need for software modifications.
Talking about back-channel diplomacy with India, he clarified that back-door diplomacy would not work so effectively as it cannot normalize the relations.
In both cases the trigger was a strong back-channel message from the United States:
At least President Zardari, according to my knowledge, was aware of the details of the back-channel diplomacy and the presidency had the related record of the details regarding talks on the Kashmir issue, he added.
Manila: Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) officials have categorically denied that they are holding back-channel talks with the government.