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Powerful petrol tiller SAVE hours of time and back-breaking digging with the new, easy to use 2-stroke petrol cultivator from Eckman.
SAVE hours of time and back-breaking digging withthe impressive, easy to use petrol cultivator from Eckman.
SAVE hours of time and back-breaking digging with the impressive, easy to use petrol cultivator from Eckman.
Because it's back-breaking getting little ones in and out of the back seat without them.
Immigrant tree planters in Canada's British Columbia who were forced to toil for long hours without adequate food or shelter have been awarded a substantial judgement for their back-breaking work.
We would like to thank the residents who donated slabs and Lol and Dave who did the back-breaking work.
Chilling though the battle between Batman and The Joker is (it carries a parental advisory warning because of its sickening scenes of torture) it comes a close second behind the back-breaking Bane story arc.
Volunteers also spent many back-breaking hours restoring a local footpath.
And, interestingly, it is the women who are doing the bulk of the back-breaking work including fixing broken tiles, scrubbing windows and re-painting the doors.
The back-breaking physical work was to be expected; the relentless hazing from colleagues, the abuse by clients who apparently had nothing better to do, and the bizarre propositions from gays and straights alike dogged him relentlessly.
Not only does the Garden Groom save the back-breaking task of picking up the trimmings, it will save up to 40 percent in the time it takes to trim.
Kalamazoo was a really back-breaking experience, especially having opportunities to win,'' Thacher said.
Within six years, Shirley and her sisters and brothers in DARE (Direct Action for Rights and Equality) had revamped the state's antiquated payroll system, won nearly $100,000 in back pay and, by 1996, made Rhode Island the only state in the country to offer fully paid health insurance to women who perform the back-breaking work of caring for other people's children.
It is grueling, back-breaking work--the sort that most of us born in the United States would never do for any amount of money.
Are we to forget the past years when Labour, in power, gave us the highest rates in the country, the Loftus bank and Skinningrove floods debacles, plus many idiotic schemes, like back-breaking humps on Redcar front and the demise of Redcar as a main shopping area, plus millions of pounds wasted on many regeneration projects?