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Synonyms for brace


brace yourself


  • prepare (yourself)
  • get ready
  • make (yourself) ready
  • steel yourself
  • fortify yourself
  • gear yourself up
  • gird your loins

Synonyms for brace

to prepare (oneself) for action

a means or device that keeps something erect, stable, or secure

two items of the same kind together

Synonyms for brace

a support that steadies or strengthens something else

a set of two similar things considered as a unit

either of two punctuation marks ({ or }) used to enclose textual material

a rope on a square-rigged ship that is used to swing a yard about and secure it

Related Words

elastic straps that hold trousers up (usually used in the plural)

an appliance that corrects dental irregularities

a carpenter's tool having a crank handle for turning and a socket to hold a bit for boring


Related Words

prepare (oneself) for something unpleasant or difficult

support or hold steady and make steadfast, with or as if with a brace

support by bracing

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He said: "I'm not surprised Villa are up there and if those guys at the back stay fit and clear of suspension there is no reason why they can't stay there.
The sofa's square tufted back stays tidy, yet comfy, with flared legs and arms balanced on a wood base.
Yes the ride is soft but everyone in the back stays happy.
Tricep double push-back: Try to look in a mirror and check your back stays straight and the top of your arms stay parallel to the floor throughout the exercise.
Take proper care to ensure your back stays healthy, because the back serves an essential role in mobility and protects the spine, nerves, muscles and ligaments.
Ensure nobody can come through the door and your back stays flat against the surface and your knees don't go past your toes when bent.