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a porch for the back door

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The above ground basement has a full-sized kitchen with access to a back porch.
e 12million-selling, Grammyfreighted star assures listeners, "I'm a good man, with a good heart," in a pleasant back porch style on this, his fifth album.
Summertime, sings Sarah Vaughan, and our peonies Hang swollen from the back porch.
But recently, I went on the back porch and saw a pack of cigarettes.
Guests were welcomed to the reception, held at the Jamesons' home, through a decorated walkway that descended the back porch and led onto the yard under a canopy of thousands of twinkling lights.
Own this beautiful 3/2-country style home with fenced back yard, in ground pool, koi pond and open back porch all right next to your business
My wife and I recently added a screened back porch (pictured above and left) and a front porch to our house.
From the state fair to the boxing ring, from gritty city corner to rural back porch Arndt's photographs present a compelling documentary of working class Minnesota.
Backyard Maine" is a collection of memoirs from Edgar Allen Beem discussing his adventures in life from his back porch in Maine.
Last November Layne Southcott had his work cut out for him when he began renovating the former Calla 100 Caribbean Kitchen to transform it into the Back Porch Alley Restaurant.
Playing in styles ranging from back porch blues and reggae, to Texas swing and cool jazz, this Toronto-based duo is pure dynamite.
Nostalgia for such simple pleasures as visiting Grandma and Grandpa for a day of adventure on the farm, drinking a glass of milk straight from the cow, sleeping on the back porch in the sunshine, or taking pleasure in the faithful company of mouser cats and hound dogs.
My 3-year-old was on the back porch when she had to go to the bathroom.
Gabriel Walker, described by a neighbor as "a little ball of fire," took off from the back porch of his home when his grandmother stepped inside to get ice cream.
The gleeful back porch thump of opener Old Virginia Block will lay that one to rest.