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a very remote and inaccessible place

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He transplants his teacher wife Tammy (Brooke Shields) and teenage son Tyler (Matt Prokop) to the back of beyond while he completes the year-long project.
The delivery service means that you can live in the back of beyond and not miss out.
GILLILAND, Alan The Amazing Adventures of Curd the Lion and us in the Land at the Back of Beyond Shabby Sattler Press, 2008 174pp 14.
On an occasion that is meant to be comparable to a first Ashes Test or Arsenal against Juventus in the first knockout stage of the Champions League, the best we can offer the uninitiated is the spectacle of horses who have done nothing racing against other horses who have done nothing at a racecourse in the back of beyond at an inhospitable time of year.
Sticking Lenny's favourite clips show on at the back of beyond on Boxing Day makes him seem like the last turkey in the shop.
It would be bad enough if the rule only applied to professional clubs but it will soon apply to junior clubs in the back of beyond who don't have 11 sober players.
These trees would live in myriad habitats from soggy coasts to the driest deserts, deep valleys to the shoulders of alpine peaks, backyards to the back of beyond.
So it's intriguing to discover this distinctly low-key take on a creepy subject set firmly in America's rural back of beyond.
In a nutshell, Sharpeville is a small South African township in the back of beyond where, in March 1960, police opened fire on members of the Pan-Africanist Congress who were protesting against 'pass laws.
It examines the practical application of these ideas to the many conflicting facets of everyday life whether we live in the city or in the back of beyond -- how we let ourselves be governed (when we should govern ourselves in smaller more governable communities), how we rely on the car quite needlessly (but would not need to if working/living/social patterns were different), how we expect to be supplied with endless energy (when we could use less and even generate it ourselves), how we use supermarkets to supply us with food from all across the world (when we could be growing it ourselves).
But as Conroy's new boss makes clear when he welcomes him and his family to "in back of beyond," his assignment probably isn't a reward for good behavior.
All the same, it annoys me a little when people say that Alaska is the back of beyond.
She revealed she is desperate to do her little island proud and insists she island proud and insists she even has a point to prove to even has a point to prove to her big-city rivals who think her big-city rivals who think her home is just the back her home is just the back of beyond.
His plan for Caerphilly and the whole of the Gwent area is at Llanfrechfa Grange Cwmbran, the back of beyond.