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written matter following the main text of a book

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It is a bit puzzling why language maps follow the list of abbreviations in the back matter (while the strange mix of metalanguages used in naming object languages is irritating, to say the least, e.
OACD's back matter has a punctuation guide, a usage guide with helpful distinctions between formal and informal English, and an instructive, easy-to-read essay on the history of English, palatable enough for curious high-school students yet appropriate for curious adults.
The back matter of the volume starts with "Some administrations of interest," which ought to have included an entry for Sir George Buc: "administration had been granted in P.
In addition to essential nonfiction book features such as a table of contents, glossary, and index, Lightning Bolt Books[TM] contain extra back matter, including photo matching games, experiments, activities, fun facts, diagrams, maps, and more.
Promoting Peace"); and complete, with extensive back matter, including comprehensive endnotes, a filmography and webography, and indexed bibliographical materials.
The introduction includes a brief outline summarizing each chapter while the back matter contains an extensive list of scholarly references and over ten pages of endnotes.
For more information, including free front and back matter, or to order "Onboard Diagnostics and Measurement in the Automotive Industry, Shipbuilding and Aircraft Construction," visit: http://books.
The back matter is well organized: a filmography, a topically sorted bibliography, and indexes of films mentioned, directors, composers, and song titles.
Review questions end each chapter, with solutions to most in the back matter.
Written by award-wining writers, each action-packed story is presented in short chapters with back matter that includes a glossary, discussion questions, writing prompts, and an author biography.
Back matter includes valuable glossaries, bibliographies including print and electronic sources, and thorough indexing.
The back matter starts out with a firstperson statement by Kessler ("All my translations from the Finnish, Hungarian, Persian, Bulgarian and Serbian are the result of collaborations," sometimes with the respective author, sometimes with "native scholars").
The back matter of BDFSN includes a bibliography of published collations, two tables correlating BDFSN numbers with excavation numbers, and a listing of texts by category - however, since BDFSN does not always present the texts in numerical order, it would have been more useful to provide an index of texts in that order, giving the page on which each text appears.
Currently, the standard browsable sample pages that are available include the covers, front matter, back matter and first three pages of chapters one and two.
The chapters of the book follow a general chronological context of periods and time spans, and a helpful timeline of American History with a few accompanying color-illustrated maps are included in the back matter.