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written matter following the main text of a book

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OACD's back matter has a punctuation guide, a usage guide with helpful distinctions between formal and informal English, and an instructive, easy-to-read essay on the history of English, palatable enough for curious high-school students yet appropriate for curious adults.
Back matter includes an in-depth glossary, additional information with websites, and a detailed index.
The back matter includes extensive information on each individual profiled.
Each annotation in the lists includes bibliographic information, a brief summary, a note about the writing style and illustrations, and the concluding back matter.
Her projects center on writing rather than respected published stories, although she lists suggested reading in the back matter.
While enough suspense exists in the novel to propel it along, the plot as described in the back matter of the book does not really get into full swing until roughly page 120.
The introduction includes a brief outline summarizing each chapter while the back matter contains an extensive list of scholarly references and over ten pages of endnotes.
The historical details of Jemmy's story appear on the book's back matter.
Review questions end each chapter, with solutions to most in the back matter.
Excluding the notes and index, it contains 102 pages of back matter that will be essential for anyone writing on colonial-era covenants.
Back matter includes valuable glossaries, bibliographies including print and electronic sources, and thorough indexing.
Currently, the standard browsable sample pages that are available include the covers, front matter, back matter and first three pages of chapters one and two.
Back matter includes questions and thought-provoking ideas of these tales.
Although slim--without the back matter the volume sits at 120 pages--the essays are, for the most part, thick with economics lingo which may be unfamiliar to some teens, though a very short glossary may help readers.
He includes chapter-end exercises with answers in the back matter and Greek-English and English-Greek glossaries.