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an entrance at the rear of a building

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The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh yesterday broke with tradition by arriving at church via a back entrance on the Sandringham estate.
Using the back entrance, he snagged a couple G's and made the getaway; however, due to the high luminosity of the bag's reflectors.
They used the bar to force a back entrance and then threatened terrified staff with it as they demanded money.
Previously, those wanting access to the hospital had to enter either through the emergency room, through the now demolished parking garage, or through a back entrance on West 28th and Franklin Streets.
Police stepped up their presence as Seddon, of Chorley New Road, Bolton, was taken into court via a back entrance.
Set up a tenants' desk at either the front or back entrance to help keep a building safe; residents can take turns keeping track of people entering a building during the peak traffic times, 7 p.
Although the inconvenience has lasted over a month and may continue for several months at the front entrance, construction is not expected to affect the company's product inventory and shipment operations which are processed at the facility's back entrance and the company reaffirmed its 2006 sales and earnings guidance.
An investigation by South Wales Police is under way after a 24-year-old man had his bike stolen near a back entrance to Victoria Park in Canton.
The family arrived at the airport from a house in Islamabad aboard a minivan on Thursday and entered the airport via a back entrance, following which they boarded a special flight to the Gulf kingdom.
The raiders confronted a member of staff at a back entrance to the bank and demanded money.
A handful of employees were inside the bank at around 9am yesterday when the vehicle suddenly crashed into the back entrance.
There on exiting the car park I shall have to negotiate a further small service area before arriving at the back entrance to Tesco.
Brown, accused of beating up Rihanna after a pre-Grammys party in Los Angeles at the weekend, was reportedly smuggled in through a back entrance.
Our front entrance is now on the Groat Market while the back entrance is on Pudding Chare.
A reception for friends and colleagues will be held later tomorrow afternoon at the British Club's Windsor Room between 2pm and 3pm (non-members should gain access via the back entrance to the British Club).