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  • verb

Synonyms for back down

move backwards from a certain position

remove oneself from an obligation

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For 2 months of the study, 45 healthy but generally inactive volunteers spent 3 to 5 hours per week scaling the 30-degree slope of a mountain near Feldkirch, Austria, and rode a cable car back down.
One year after massive demonstrations forced Beijing to back down on imposing harsh "anti-subversion" legislation, Hong Kong demonstrators again took to the streets on July 1 to protest Beijing's heavy-handed rule.
Guwahati -- In Guwahati state, the president of India's episcopate vows the Church will not back down in the face of intimidation by Hindu extremists.
Forecasters expected the temperature to hit 92 in Eugene on Thursday, with the highs gradually working their way back down into the high 70s on Sunday.
With new-found strength, he seized the chest strap with both hands, pulled it back down to chest level, and maintained this hold until.
Nonetheless, in a rare show of defiance, the Nagoya District Court refused to back down in the face of the ministry's intransigence, and in October 2001 again told the government that MK's free taxi plan was legal.
If the hill is too long, the recovery coming back down will be too long.
Hold for 1-2 hr and allow the temperature to drift back down to the normal operating temperature.
In light of such obstacles, Scheffer can be seen as a victim of daunting circumstances and the ambivalence of an administration that has made brave proclamations on human rights issues (think Rwanda, East Timor, or Sierra Leone), only to back down at the first sign of opposition.
St Mirren star Ricky Gillies knows everyone expects them to go straight back down but that sort of talk is banned from the Love Street dressing-room.
2) Raise heels two to three inches off the ground and bring back down.
Expeditions hire Sherpas to carry supplies and equipment up, but they traditionally turn around and come back down empty, handed," says Chris Naumann, who has coordinated the SEE effort at Base Camp.
It later rose as high a share before settling back down to earth at $40 in early June.
Back down under in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, artist Shaggy enters a sand castle contest in "Great Reef," but a yucky coral creature threatens to wash away his dreams of Camelot.