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reduced priority

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Ian Fleming, Unison's joint branch secretary for Northumberland, said: "We are pleased by this but don't see it as a victory, because parking charges have just been put on the back burner and will no doubt come back for discussion.
TOWN'S FA Cup hosts Oldham will put Saturday's fourth-round tie on the back burner until tonight's League I clash with Gillingham at Priestfield is completed.
By giving them pounds 1,000 a month for 12 months towards their mortgage, their immediate repayments can be put on the back burner.
But it only happened during those two days--so off to the back burner.
For the past six years LGBT issues have been sitting on the back burner of Washington politics--that is, unless the issue was about limiting our rights.
In response to resulting financial pressures as well as a lack of alternative resources, many building owners, real estate investors and state officials have decided to put their sustainable aspirations on the back burner.
School quality, equity and funding got pushed to the back burner.
Though supported by the Bush administration, the FTAA has fortunately been temporarily put on a back burner.
Morals take a back burner to a parade of gags inspired by - or stolen from, take your pick - Monty Python (the movie's combative Scottish squirrels take their cues from the Knights of Ni) and ``Shrek.
After this I didn't hear from anyone else at the school and put the issue on the back burner, hoping that my efforts had done some good.
In January, Bombardier put the CSeries on the back burner but pledged to keep it alive for at least this year with $100 million earmarked for continued development.
It left small builders not named Bombardier on the back burner.
John Maloney, MP, chairman of the Commons Justice Committee, proposes to put it on the back burner in order to tackle some other commonplace criminal justice bills that have been lying around for some time.
In the fierce competition for the time of a typical small-businessman or woman, things that go beyond payroll, accounting and general operations, including IP protection, often get put on the back burner, leaving small businesses at risk.