back brace

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a brace worn to support the back

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Though he was eventually fitted with a back brace it was not the most comfortable, so he is now using the one Andrew Tully wore when he broke a vertebra in March.
Wearing a back brace to keep upright, Davis spoke on the floor of the Senate until late in the evening of June 25, reading statements of women who opposed the bill.
26-year-old Abbott wearing a back brace at a Houston rehabilitation center after being paralyzed by a falling tree while jogging in 1984.
Question I've heard that a soloist from my company used a back brace for her scoliosis during certain classes and rehearsals.
However, the deal nearly fell through because of a sever back problem which kept the Portugal Under-18 star in a back brace for some six months.
How does she feel when her back brace is removed and she is back on her feet?
Agents Erred In Search Of Elderly Passengers - TSA The US Transportation Security Administration said its agents violated procedures by inspecting an elderly woman's colostomy bag screening another's back brace but denied claims the women were strip searched.
Appleby had been a doubt with a chronic back injury and played with a back brace clearly visible under his black shirt.
There she befriends the narrator, a girl who also has an injury and wears a back brace which prevents her from swimming freely with Tatiara.
Design graduate IslaMarie has had to learn to walk again and was so determined to make it down the aisle, she designed her own back brace.
David, with his wife Lorraine, must still wear a back brace after the roof plunge Happy couple.
That did not dissuade Don who, burdened by his back brace and his large and heavy legal briefcase in hand, walked up the ultra-long, steep Metro staircase to get to the banquet.
Indeed, in one scene from his movie The War Wagon, a back brace is clearly visible beneath his long underwear.
But then an unexpected diagnosis of scoliosis -- a disease causing an abnormal curvature of the spine -- meant Jazlyn suddenly had to wear a hard, immobilizing back brace.