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Synonyms for bachelor

a man who has never been married

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a knight of the lowest order

lead a bachelor's existence


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The result lends both texture and philosophical ballast to the rest of the play, which otherwise can come off as an unusually highbrow study in English bachelordom.
But as her mates head towards divorce or eternal toxic bachelordom she has the last laugh after meeting her soulmate and penning two best-selling novels.
Now Liz has moved on (fool), Hugh's back to bachelordom and an image change was perfectly timed to mark a new life chapter.
I'm 40 and afraid of first-time sex ALTHOUGH I get on well with women, I've never had an intimate, loving relationship and had come to accept a life of bachelordom and celibacy.
Now, bachelordom - as unfettered agency - may be an enviable condition, but it is, to my mind, an equivocal accolade.