bachelor girl

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a young unmarried woman who lives alone


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Since then Oscar-nominee Kate has been living at her old bachelor-girl flat in Holloway, North London, with Mia.
She's shed her wedding ring and moved back to her bachelor-girl flat, but the Titanic star carries a J-shaped keyring bearing his name.
The 18-year-old Russian ace receives countless marriage proposals from men all over the world and the beautiful blonde has 20 full-length mirrors in her luxurious bachelor-girl apartment at Miami's exclusive South Beach.
Sophie Rhys-Jones, Prince Edward's girlfriend for three-and-a-half years, has moved from her bachelor-girl flat in Baron's Court, West London, to a more fashionable area nearer Buckingham Palace.
Bachelor-girl Angela had been a teacher at Gendros Primary School for about 10 years.