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Synonyms for bacchic

used of riotously drunken merrymaking

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Plato uses [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in connection with Bacchic revelry (790e).
The Bacchic theme of the Theban sequence perfectly explains a set of tales about failure to recognise reality.
This group of figures held typical bacchic attributes such as the thyrsos, wreath, tympanon as well as the knife.
But that is where, for me, Bacchic didn't really deliver.
It helps one to perform, maintains a Bacchic and heroic approach, and elates the self.
Modigliani's scrawled superscription of 'Picasso' has the effect of a Bacchic wreath.
This realm is the mythological realm of paganism, full of sexual freedom and Bacchic pleasure.
There are intimations both of the Bacchic and the sexual here--'delicious sense [.
She infects Queen Amata, the mother of Aeneas' future wife Lavinia, with a poisonous and subversive Bacchic spirit.
And Bacchic rites, with their wine-filled laurel alters of wild and flowing corporeality, were predicated on the sexual freedom that the goat symbolized because in this ancient culture, the goat carried the favorable connotations of youth, merriment, boundlessness, freedom, earthiness, energy, love, involvement, and intercourse.
Aristotle calls the flute orgiastic because it contributes to religious insanity but often refers to drums in bacchic, corybantic or similar ecstatic worship.
Insofar as he limns antiquity it is not the hard-edged discipline of celestial geometry; but the deeper, darker, Dionysiac archaisms of an Arcadia where Eros and Thanatos are the closest of chums and where the spilling of blood and semen blossoms into Bacchic horticulture.
In response to Postumius' warnings, the Bacchic cult was broken up, its shrines destroyed, and many of its adherents imprisoned or executed.
Plutarch equated extreme expressions of grief with Bacchic celebrations.
22v) for the results of his rage -- described with an epic simile (54) -- and the people of Israel react to his slaughter of the innocents with Bacchic fury, "qualis ab Ogygio concita Baccha deo" [like a maenad driven on by the Theban god; 110, fol.