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used of riotously drunken merrymaking

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The script's Bacchic register becomes more pronounced when Judith returns to the O'Neills' home some days later, after she has been ejected from Earnscliffe House for bringing a bottle of gin to an old friend who has been institutionalized for alcoholism.
Daria Gigli Piccardi provides a brief overview of Platonic and Neoplatonic ideas on poetic inspiration, before looking, in more detail, at John of Gaza's proems to the Tabula mundi and the way these express the power of inspiration through a violent imagery of biting, sea storms, dance, inebriety and general Bacchic frenzy.
Walsh also notes a another side to the pun in that Panthia is also close to Penthea, the sense of which is certainly brought out in Panthia's threat to dismember Socrates in a Bacchic frenzy at Met.
This tactic did sometimes achieve dramatic effects: Richter's Erna (Nude on a Staircase), 1966, for example, was hung at the center of a small, lovely gallery, flanked by bacchic chariots in wood and ivory by the eighteenth-century Bavarian carver Simon Trogcr--painterly shock and restraint paired with diminutive sculptural flamboyance.
he who with unjust opinion and criminal temper concerning bacchic mystic rites and of your mother with maddened mind and frenzied spirit sets forth thinking to master by violence the unconquerable.
Hippomedon mentions Ismenus' association with Bacchic rites as a slur on his manliness.
1) Often, they use it to allude to Bacchic release and artistic creativity: the essence of wit and storytelling is held in the cup, and it inspires creativity and a sexually charged break from mundane life.
She enlists helpers to translate Orfeo's Italian Bacchic chorus (Richard and Gillian Andrews) and Latin Sapphic ode (Yvan Nadeau, Catharine Jessop, Dino Bressan and John Gleeson).
Oltenita, a relatively young settlement, with very few old buildings, such as: The Water Castle (1913), nowadays housing a restaurant at the ground floor, the old trading hall with an interior yard (1925), "Flacara" Cinema building (1929-1930) displaying a painting representing a Bacchic celebration, the "Neagoe Basarab" High School building (1930-1934), the archaeology museum building (1926), masterpiece of architect I.
The Dionysian or Bacchic mask, explained in Chapter Three, offered the poets a therapeutic relief from the pressures of their civic duties.
These concerns regarding physical form affect the women more strongly than the men--but the men have their preoccupations, too, like finding a moment to tug on one's reluctant penis so it might appear at its best during the delivery of a monologue about Thebes or Bacchic joy.
A wildly Bacchic send-up of pornography, the story tells of a pair of siblings coming of age in the most unlikely surroundings until they finally consummate their love for each other.
Some summer-tinted mouth, some curved throat; The Bacchic grace of some young body, bare And glistening in the games--I know .
Using the metaphor of frenzied religious festival celebration, Socrates compares the poets to Corybantic dancers and Bacchic revelers.