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(classical mythology) a priestess or votary of Bacchus

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However, the Spearbearer and the armed bacchante part company completely in content.
The lubricious air of the painting is scrutinized by Bette Talvachia: "The horns of a leering satyr who takes the form of a herm sculpture are grabbed by a bacchante whose left leg straddles the goat as she twists around to grab similarly the horn of the second creature under her domination" (34).
The procession ends with a dancing bacchante swinging a tympanon.
The art historian Edgar Wind once showed how the same facial expression conveys ecstasy if displayed by a Bacchante, or extreme grief if displayed by a woman at the foot of a cross.
HMS Bacchante, a four funnelled cruiser with a pugnacious aspect, had poked her snout well inshore of us, close up to the small promontory of Gaba Tepe.
This turns out to be the gesture of the woman observing the adult god dallying with the young boy, whom Orgel now identifies as Orpheus, believed to have introduced pederasty into Greece after the loss of Euridice and killed by an enraged bacchante for the insult to womanhood.
She flashed upon my sight as the realization of a Bacchante in her maddening inspiration and beauty, in her exquisite elegance.
According to tradition, Pentheus, king of Thebes, was torn to pieces by the bacchantes when he attempted to spy on their activities, while the Athenians were punished with impotence for dishonoring Dionysus' cult.
3/12/04 - Bacchante Wine & Essentials, tasting featuring
The full title of Bone's exhibit was A frame, containing the portraits of the Marquis of Exeter, Lady Hamilton as a bacchante, and William, first Earl of Mansfield, enamel.
This urge to remake soft tissues as solid masses carried over into Mahmoud's glazed ceramics: the patchily painted floor sculptures Basketball, 2014, and Beachball, 2015, clustered beside Kathleen Ryan's Bacchante, 2015.
20) These included several Venuses, one Apollo, the famous "Hermaphrodite" of the Louvre that was said to have shocked Baudelaire's mother, and an oil painting representing "une bacchante.
Here are a few: Ark Royal, old and new; Bacchante, Bermuda, Caprice, Dundas, Eagle, Gambia, Harrier, Kenya, Lincoln, Newfoundland, Protector, Ranpura, St Vincent, Superb etc.
Former sailors on HMS Bacchante will meet at the Portsmouth reunion on September 3.
Tandis qu'une bacchante grave et severe l'effraie (pp.