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(classical mythology) a priestess or votary of Bacchus

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On September 23, 1793, a revolutionary French paper, Feuille du Salut public, derided militant revolutionary Claire Lacombe by likening her to a Bacchante who needed to be rehabilitated: "The woman or girl Lacombe is finally in prison, and out of harm's way; this counter-revolutionary bacchante no longer drinks anything except water, she is known to have been very fond of wine and she was no less fond of food and of men.
However, the Spearbearer and the armed bacchante part company completely in content.
Here are a few we have already: HM ships Ark Royal, old and new, Bacchante, Bermuda, Caprice, Dundas, Eagle, Gambia, Harrier, Kenya, Lincoln, Newfoundland, Protector, Ranpura, St Vincent, and Superb.
Six months later, Romney's Portrait of Emma Hart, Lady Hamilton as a Dancing Bacchante, which had been expected to fetch 300,000 [pounds sterling] to 500,000 [pounds sterling], failed to find a buyer at Christie's.
So life goes, with the treacherous canticles of a shriveled bacchante.
Other models at Friday's display included Richard Tennant's Victorian steam/sail corvette, the HMS Bacchante, and Jake Dale's miniature steam turbine model of Parson's Turbinia.
Emma was a popular subject for painters, as seen here, painted as the Greek mythological figure Bacchante by the artist Louise Vigee-Lebrunk who later became a friend of Marie Antoinette.
In 1979, he showed his bravery again when he dived into the River Tyne to rescue his wife Shirley when she fell in during a visit to HMS Bacchante.
The women who cowers on the floor to avoid Christ's scourge is, curiously, akin to Titian's Bacchante in The Isle of Andria.
The procession ends with a dancing bacchante swinging a tympanon.
HMS Bacchante, a four funnelled cruiser with a pugnacious aspect, had poked her snout well inshore of us, close up to the small promontory of Gaba Tepe.
This turns out to be the gesture of the woman observing the adult god dallying with the young boy, whom Orgel now identifies as Orpheus, believed to have introduced pederasty into Greece after the loss of Euridice and killed by an enraged bacchante for the insult to womanhood.
3/12/04 - Bacchante Wine & Essentials, tasting featuring
Here are a few: Ark Royal, old and new; Bacchante, Bermuda, Caprice, Dundas, Eagle, Gambia, Harrier, Kenya, Lincoln, Newfoundland, Protector, Ranpura, St Vincent, Superb etc.
Former sailors on HMS Bacchante will meet at the Portsmouth reunion on September 3.