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Synonyms for bacchanal

someone who engages in drinking bouts

a drunken reveller


Related Words

a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity

used of riotously drunken merrymaking

References in classic literature ?
de Boville, who took it without ceremony, and quickly drew up the required assignment, while the Englishman counted out the bank-notes on the other side of the desk.
But he did not play with his precious bank-note, for he knew what it was at once, having been very observant during the week when he was an ordinary boy.
They stood in rows on the branches, waiting politely while he cut the paper sixpences out of his bank-note, and presently he called the roll, and then each bird, as the names were mentioned, flew down and got sixpence.
At the steamer's side the man demanded his pay and, without waiting to count out the exact amount, the woman thrust a handful of bank-notes into his outstretched hand.
He had a girl-wife from whose cheeks the roses were slowly fading, and very soon would come a time when a bank-note, even the smallest, would be a priceless gift.
About this time Thersites Junior really began to make something like a reputation, and to walk abroad habitually with a bank-note comfortably lodged among the other papers in his pocketbook.
Lady Lydiard and Moody left him in undisturbed enjoyment of the china, and went on with the business of the bank-note.
Tell us next who sent you this letter, enclosing the bank-note.
Thanks to the influence of his companion, backed by a bank-note (which can be repaid, by the way, out of the fund for the American expenses), my clerk succeeded is making the fellow speak.
Anne threw down the bank-note on the table near which they were standing, and snatched the letter from him.
In all which expedition Mrs Waters declared she would bear him company; and for which she was able to furnish him with money, a very material article to Mr Northerton, she having then in her pocket three bank-notes to the amount of L90, besides some cash, and a diamond ring of pretty considerable value on her finger.
He was seen lighting his cigar with one, to the horror of Captain Dobbin, who, it is my belief, would have given a bank-note for the document.
No bank-note, if you please, till my brave Englishman has earned it first.
Miss Miggs clutched the bank-note he took from his pocket-book and held out to her; deposited it in a small, red leather purse; put the purse in her pocket (displaying, as she did so, a considerable portion of some under-garment, made of flannel, and more black cotton stocking than is commonly seen in public); and, tossing her head, as she looked at Mrs Varden, repeated--
As Sampson spoke, he laid the bank-note upon the desk among some papers, in an absent manner, and thrust his hands into his pockets.