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Oakmont Regional High School in Ashburnham has traditionally held its pre-graduation ceremony, a baccalaureate, in one of four rotating churches --St.
AU advised the school to discontinue holding its baccalaureate in a church.
Beth Hagan, executive director of the Community College Baccalaureate Association, says that numerous states now allow community colleges to offer limited baccalaureates, and the number of students in those programs are a small fraction of the total student populations of those colleges, nullifying the "mission creep" argument.
It is these questions among others that have sparked a debate over a bill pending in the Illinois legislature that would allow Harper College in Palatine to offer two pilot baccalaureate programs in public safety administration/ homeland security and technology management.
Mr Sinnott said: "We could in the long term see Baccalaureate for the elite universities and then the specialist diploma (for the rest).
Mr Sinnott's warning came after a survey of university admissions tutors found the majority thought the International Baccalaureate represented a better preparation for degree courses than A-levels.
The baccalaureates at Miami Dade did not take money away from the rest of the college, says Hernandez Hendrix.
IN 1992, A TWO-YEAR INSTITUtion then known as Utah Valley Community College set out to launch degree programs at the baccalaureate level.
noted that 19th century colleges transformed from limited-degree institutions to ones offering a vast array of baccalaureates.
More than 12,300 FIT students have graduated with baccalaureates during the past three decades, earning degrees in a number of fashion and technology programs, including advertising design, illustration, toy design, cosmetics and fragrance marketing, computer animation and interactive media and visual art management.
Indeed, many ask us what has changed within the context of the nation's community-college baccalaureate dialogue.
Even American Association of Community Colleges President George Boggs offered this cautious note: "The most important issue remains preservation of the community college mission; the community college baccalaureate remains a sub-set of this goal.
There are several strong arguments for the long-term benefits of community college-granted baccalaureates as well.
Garmon suggests that community college baccalaureates fill a niche four-year colleagues cannot, providing a unique mix and range of courses and programs in needed areas while maintaining access and affordability.
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