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Synonyms for babytalk

an adult's imitation of the speech of a young child

the developing speech of a young child


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To further her own career and job opportunities, Lisa is now a partner in a new all- woman production company called Babytalk Productions.
It was a fateful day when someone congratulated Maureen Dowd on her cutesie, babytalk style of political satire.
Nick -- intertwined from childhood, overlapping in the mind, Nick poor and lowly and Jesus wearing red cap with pompon, lisping in divine babytalk his soft "Ho ho ho.
BabyTalk is claimed to lay the foundation for all later learning and can be started as early as the first few months of a baby's life.
Who but a five-year-old could be enamored of a cutsie-pie alien named Jar Jar Binks, who dresses a bit like the Honeymooners' Ed Norton, keeps doing pratfalls, and speaks a babytalk patter?
The BabyTalk Relationship Marketing Program has a goal to assist healthcare providers disseminate health related information in new, innovative and creative ways.
The Wedding Network was launched in August 1997 and has 5,000 registrants; BabyTalk & Shop is two weeks old.
Show off your baby's smarts with the NUK[R] Babytalk Learner Cups - and help her transition to sippy cups in style.
com, the world's largest digital food brand; and the addition of the Every Day with Rachael Ray, FamilyFun, EatingWell, Parenting and BabyTalk multi-platform brands to Meredith's portfolio, which reaches more than 100 million American women every month.
Additional photographs by JaTawny were also published in Babytalk Magazine and graced the pages of both their September and October issues.
She said: "I was looking for something to occupy myself with apart from babytalk.
CENTRAL to the BabyTalk programme is developing the child's language skills.
The BBC dismissed fears that the quartet's babytalk - they say 'haro' instead of hello - may prove difficult to dub.
Home of the Parenting, Babytalk and Conceive brands, The Parenting Group reaches families over 15 million times every month through magazines, digital media, custom content, and events.
It was Maisie, who was stricken with leukaemia at the age of two, that inspired Julie's first foray as an author, in the book Babytalk - The Secret Diary of a Pregnant Woman.