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Synonyms for babysitter

a person engaged to care for children when the parents are not home

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Oftentimes, knowing a close friend has already worked with a particular babysitter offers just the right peace of mind for a parent to use that sitter for their own family.
The Dubai Misdemeanours Court on Thursday found the 47-year-old Sri Lankan babysitter guilty and fined her Dh2,000.
As for the babysitter, don't worry too much about them.
The babysitter takes care of the child, the mother just gives some sweets and water to him before leaving for work.
It's tough being on the road - this isn't Jen's first tour and she has been feeling more like Casper's babysitter than girlfriend.
Meanwhile, thousands of people have also joined an internet group calling for the babysitter to be jailed.
Light and her boyfriend, Stephen Quick, have been in custody since March after a three-year-old girl told her mother she had been touched inappropriately by her babysitter and that the couple had taken photographs.
Ultimately, it depends on how mature the babysitter is, and how confident parents feel about leaving them to look after their child.
The woman behind South Wales' Rent-a-Gran babysitters told today how she had to convince a bank manager her new firm was not a 'strippergram' agency.
A GIRL of seven was sexually assaulted by her teenage babysitter, a court heard yesterday.
Parents are shown how to choose and use appropriate nursery equipment; prevent falls; avoid poison injuries; deal with environmental hazards; keep backyards safe; which pets are suitable for children; choosing a babysitter or day care center; and travelling safely with children.
A babysitter yesterday denied murdering a two-year-old boy.
Another easy way to help a sitter is to post the Babysitter Center, a dry-erase poster, on your refrigerator.