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Synonyms for babyhood

the early stage of growth or development

the earliest state of immaturity


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The foundation's national institute can offer a 'dynamic inclusion', through a spectrum of services for children and their families, in a specialist environment or local schools (including much-needed practical training for school staff, teachers and assistants), according to individual need at a given time in life, from babyhood to adulthood.
But here is a way we can start to nurse ourselves back to better health -from babyhood onwards.
The panel will be most interested in innovative depictions, rather than traditional symbols, of babyhood.
Sandra Thomson runs two support groups in the Edinburgh area for women who have chosen to buck the trend and breastfeed beyond babyhood.
Furthermore, the scope of the system does not preclude well-off spouses buying pensions for partners, nor parents and grandparents stashing away cash to start schemes for children from babyhood onwards.
We get a lot of victims of violence at the hospital but this girl is barely out of babyhood herself.
I'd start by finding out why Australia can send back Britishborn villains who have had Australian citizenship since babyhood but we can't get rid of scum who have been here five minutes because it might "infringe their human rights".
Debbie's consistent failure to reach the milestones of her babyhood mystified her parents.
The toy has achieved iconic status since it was invented in 1902 and has become a worldwide symbol of babyhood, innocence and nostalgia.
Beautiful people get preferential treatment all through their lives, from babyhood upwards, psychologist Dr Nancy Etcoff says.
Cornwell's own powdered babyhood was spent in Poole, ``a really gloomy spot'' in Dorset where his grandfather, a bricklayer, once served as mayor.
WASHINGTON, June 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) today announced safety recalls of 3,100 child safety seats manufactured by Babyhood Manufacturing, Inc.
We can lose a few boys in babyhood to keep things about equal.
The overwhelming preponderance of English in the home, workplace and mass media strongly militate against Welsh gaining any significant stronghold in the anglicised parts of the country, with all but the most committed families and those who have been interested in the culture from babyhood reverting to the dominant tongue.
They cling to security blankets, dog-eared teddy bears or any other weather-worn souvenirs of babyhood for dear life.