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a person engaged to care for children when the parents are not home

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The accident, according to him, happened when the baby-sitter and the three girls attempted to cross the road from the South to the North at a place not designated for pedestrian crossing.
Then he didn't make a match because he couldn't get a baby-sitter.
Eleanor Laws, prosecuting, told the court how Tann established himself in the Whitstable community and claimed to have worked as a baby-sitter for 10 years, as well as raising funds for charities including the NSPCC.
Aunque no es necesario que tenga un entrenamiento para baby-sitter, dijo Devine, es mas importante si tiene algo de experiencia en el ambiente escolar.
Hire a baby-sitter when your work flow is extra heavy or you need to meet a deadline.
PARENTS could end up spending millennium eve haggling over money with the baby-sitter, according to a survey published today.
An obsessed husband arranged to have concentrated nitric acid thrown in the face of his estranged wife - only for the teenage baby-sitter to be scarred by mistake, a court was told yesterday.
Determining the employment status of a baby-sitter, housecleaner or gardener can be difficult at best because there are no specific guidelines for the situations usually encountered when hiring domestic workers.
is the original and entertaining picturebook story of young Sammy and Sophie Shark, and the visit of their favorite baby-sitter as their parents leave for the night.
A BABY-SITTER rapist who carried out sexual offences of the "gravest depravity" on a 12-week-old girl had his jail sentences increased today by the Court of Appeal.
She laughed and said she was the only woman at her 50th high school reunion who had to hire a baby-sitter to get out of the house.
The company specializes in productions that bounce a dramatic classic off some wacky alternative text: Thornton Wilder's Our Town meets Pigmeat Markham's vaudeville routines or Arthur Miller's The Crucible funneled through the reminiscences of Timothy Leary's baby-sitter.
ATOM EGOYAN: My original inspiration was from this idea of a baby-sitter, and the ritual of driving a baby-sitter home.
In another pending Illinois case, a noncustodial father seeks to take legal action both against a baby-sitter who allegedly molested his son and against the agency that placed his son in this baby sitter's care.