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Synonyms for baby-sit

take watchful responsibility for

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work or act as a baby-sitter


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As she baby-sits her little twin brothers while her mother and stepfather fight in their bedroom, she accidentally drops one little boy and thinks that she has killed him.
Cuddy's 16-year-old daughter Cheryl has had diabetes for 10 years and now baby-sits for youngsters with the disease.
If it wasn't for my mom, I couldn't do it,'' she said, adding her father Michael has developed a close relationship with her son, and her sister Sara, 15, often baby-sits.
There are too many people for only one bathroom,'' said Silvia Mazariegos, who baby-sits and cleans homes and offices in the San Fernando Valley with her husband.
Her mother baby-sits for her children, and unlike many Russian marriages that have been torn apart by the wife's sudden financial success, hers has survived.