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the larger than expected generation in United States born shortly after World War II

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They are less chaotic than young people but the Baby-Boom Generation who have gone through and survived heroin haven't looked after themselves.
That's some 2 million more than the baby-boom generation born between 1946 and 1964.
The expectation that the retirement of the baby-boom generation will eventually require a drawdown of these fund balances does, however, provide some mitigation of these concerns.
Conde Nast's decision to bring the old girl back was based on a fascinating bit of marketing research on the baby-boom generation and its current preoccupations.
Although the focus of Declining Fortunes is clearly the effect of changing economic conditions on postwar parents and their baby-boom children, Newman attempts to deal with a wide array of other related issues--among them, the effects of the events of the 1960s on members of the baby boom generation, the racism and classism that often arise in times of slow economic growth, and the ramifications of slow growth on politics today.
The Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs (PICPA) surveyed 500 members with clients who are either in the baby-boom age bracket or employed by companies owned or managed by baby boomers.
baby-boom generation, born between 1946 and 1964, is the largest generation in the nations's history.
While Vladeck concluded that the odds were stacked against any revolution in long-term care, he expressed hope that the aging baby-boom population would provide an opportunity to drastically change the way care for older Americans is organized, paid for and delivered.
Baby-boom women make up slightly more than half of a generation of 76.
Already, these programs account for 40 percent of the budget, and that percentage will skyrocket when the huge baby-boom generation begins drawing on the system.
But the baby-boom "peg" reveals how nervous many of the neocon media are at the prospect of some 1960s values and ideas being legitimized.
Customers are increasingly turning to managed service providers to mitigate the trend of growing shortages in the IT labor market caused by baby-boom demographics and the 24x7 requirement for instantaneous global data access.
De Vita attributed these changes to the fact that the baby-boom generation, which makes up a third of the country's population, has entered middle age.
The book surely has a great deal of appeal with the baby-boom generation.
Instead of the broken-down Volkswagen vans that were popular in Baez's heyday, the store's parking lot sported BMWs and other up-scale cars of the baby-boom generation.