baby talk

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Synonyms for baby talk

an adult's imitation of the speech of a young child

the developing speech of a young child


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According to the website, Ariana also uses baby talk when the couple is making love and it is "making the matters worse.
I try to keep the baby talk to a minimum because it isn't fair on them.
The eye contact, cuddles, rocking, singing and even the goo-goo baby talk all help stimulate a new baby's brain.
Washington, Jan 26 ( ANI ): Holly Madison is taking baby talk to a new level, as the pregnant Playboy model who isn't due to give birth for several weeks, is already imagining her child's first words.
He decides to tackle Syed about what he really saw, but then the shock announcement from Amira that she may be pregnant stops him in his tracks, and suddenly its all baby talk.
THERE has been plenty of baby talk at Cardiff City this week.
Stories on baby talk, first days at school, attempts at potty training and the indignities of giving birth are all included in the book, which has been published by Northumberland publishing house, The Kingdom of Northumbria.
THERE'S more baby talk in the Dales, as Nicola is shocked when her pregnancy test proves positive.
Explaining various etymologies, word histories, word creations and word deaths, they cover such topics as baby talk, back-formations, neologisms, nonce words, euphemisms, prefixes and suffixes.
Michael Goldstein of Cornell University studies the imperfect sounds of human baby talk and the mispronounced tootlings of young songbirds.
On Thursday afternoon, the medical staff was abuzz with more baby talk.
Spoon's English-Spanish and English-French Baby Talk DVDs Vol.
PET talk is not the same as baby talk, scientists said yesterday after comparing the way mothers spoke to infants and their dogs and cats.
THERE'S plenty of baby talk in Weatherfield as the Platts decide that the time has come to get little Bethany christened.