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a shoe designed to be worn by infants

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Lost in thought about his late son's lucky baby shoe and those bombs that could have gone off on his plane.
We started with the baby shoe, to represent a newborn, a mother, a grandmother," says Aaron's daughter Tally Basha, who, like many in the Basha family, can be found working in the company's Madison Avenue flagship store.
The baby shoes come in a single style, a rounded-toe Mary Jane with a bow on the strap.
Businessman Adam also shared a picture of a scan, a babygro, and baby shoes.
The 29-year-old posted a picture to make the announcement showing him standing behind Emma holding a pair of tiny baby shoes in front of her growing bump.
And while many expecting parents plan for things like the nursery, diapers, toys, and cute baby shoes, a big expense might be overlooked: that is childcare.
With over 3,000 baby products and counting from baby gear like baby towels, baby gyms and playmats, newbord through toddler baby boy and baby girl clothes, baby onesies and baby shoes, baby toys, baby strollers, baby carriers Blu-Ray movies, TV shows for babies through toddler ages and music that is all baby-friendly this store has everything for new and established parents.
In the ditch we h a v e the full range of shoes from fashion and ladies' slippers to marching boots, baby shoes, sandals, indoor and outdoor footwear and bath clogs.
Robert Currie, author of Lies and Concerns: Ten Short Stories, said: "You might have heard the famous story by Ernest Hemingway: 'For sale, baby shoes, never worn.
So following on from the original baby shoes, we realised we needed to make shoes for children up until about seven years old; shoes designed with podiatrists, to make sure the child has the freedom to grow healthily.
The delicious-looking bakery treat had the words "I love you both" and "Happy 30th Peta" written in blue icing and a pair of blue baby shoes on it, causing speculation that the couple will be welcoming a baby boy in the near future.
One corner of the second level is dedicated to its baby line, consisting of tiny cups, baby blankets and baby shoes.
The baby shoes are quite popular but I do draw on adult size shoes too.
When Gene Fleming, an inventor in Nebraska, made customized baby shoes for Andy, he was soon toddling around and greeting everyone who came by.