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an ointment for babies

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An alternate way to do this is to start by applying a light layer of baby oil on your paper with a cotton ball or a wash paintbrush, then add your colored pencils.
The Baby Oil is a blend of all-natural oils (coconut oil, almond oil, marula oil and argan oil), calendula and chamomile.
Baby oil can be rubbed onto the sticky parts of an adhesive bandage.
Bollywood beauty Sonakshi Sinha, a self-confessed Holi fan, said that she usually bathes in mustard oil before playing Holi but in case the colour still stays, she relies on using baby oil instead of her moisturizer for a day or two till the colour fades.
NEW YORK--The baby needs segment, which includes such categories as baby lotion, baby oil, baby powder and petroleum jelly, is a vital part of any mass market retailer's assortment.
Bare Bodycare received a Green Parent Natural Beauty award for its baby oil, beating off hundreds of other products in the category.
with baby oil, baby soap and shampoo and water toys.
Worn by the likes of celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Violent Lips can be removed using baby oil or mineral oil with a textured wipe.
Thursday was graduation at Herndon High School, but three students who participated in a prank involving baby oil were not part of the festivities despite a Twitter campaign to persuade the Virginia school to let them walk.
Dr Rana cautions against using kerosene, spirit or petrol to remove the colour and says a cream- based cleanser or baby oil is the best option.
Don't buy costly furniture wax - give your dried out piece of furniture a wipe with a soft cloth and baby oil.
And many are willing to employ a range of tricks, including using baby oil, to speed up their tanning.
Keep showers short, use a mild soap such as pHisoderm's skin cleansing bar, and apply baby oil or a moisturizing lotion immediately after you towel off.
And eco-friendly toiletries such as baby oil cost around pounds 1.
On textured finishes, periodically apply mineral or baby oil.