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IN TUNE: Peter Grant at the white baby grand piano in the Lennon suite at the Hard Days Night Hotel Pictures: HOWARD DAVIES/hd100108h; PICTURE POWER: Mike Dewey, the hotel's general manager, in front of the Wall of Fame; STAR ATTRACTION: The building in North John Street, left, and one of the bedrooms featuring artwork by Shannon
A stone fireplace, mini baby grand piano and glass chandelier picked up in Quiggin's store completes the restful room which boasts beautiful cherry wood floors.
MUSICAL DONATION: Clinton Primary School music co-ordinator Linda Duffy (left) with Lions president Malcolm Corbett and club community service chairman Bob Ashby (right) with pupils at the donated baby grand piano.
Residents can also enjoy Senior Quarters' beautifully decorated common areas, which include a parlor with a fireplace and baby grand piano, library/computer room, activities/media room, an arts and crafts center, and smoking lounge.
WHEN hopeful residents at a Tyneside care home put out a bizarre request in the Chronicle for a donation of a baby grand piano, they thought they'd played a duff note.
This stunning venue hosts a baby grand piano, offering live music every evening and the open-fronted kitchen adds a real buzz of excitement as you experience first-hand the sights, sounds and smells of a working kitchen.
The first thing you'll notice is the old-fashioned decor, complete with sturdy oak beams and a baby grand piano nestling in the corner.
There'll be a Japanese room, an Indian room and a room all white with nothing but a baby grand piano in it.
The 754 lots were from his Cotswold mansion Quarwood and included a fibreglass suit of armourmahogany baby grand piano, a pinball machine and two 'comical' skeletons.
A music lover who once let Hank Marvin borrow an acoustic guitar is hammering down the price of the 1930s baby grand piano she has decided to sell.
Large picture windows with dramatic real-lifeLiverpool scenes, a baby grand piano in the lounge and sweeping curtains in the bathroom.
The open oak casket was placed next to a baby grand piano on which stood an overflowing vase of white roses.
Members of the DSC were the first to hang-glide off Kilimanjaro, the first to ski downhill on a Louis XV dining suite, a lavatory and a baby grand piano and the first to cross the Channel in an inflatable kangaroo.
SITTING at the pounds 15,000 baby grand piano, I'm told Ronan Keating was the last person to run his fingers over the keys.