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a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around

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They are the Baby Carriage '4S' Concept Shop, Cartoon Graphic Authorisation Zone, Toy Transformation Innovation and Upgrade and Organic Foods.
Table 8: Percentage Breakdown of the US Baby Carriages &
Watch out for parents pushing baby carriages and strollers; and
effects, nitrogen fog coming out of antique baby carriages, a
Prams, baby carriages and push chairs became very sophisticated in an age when engineering and design reached new heights.
The number of designated priority zones has been increased to eight, ensuring ample room for persons with reduced mobility as well as providing extra room for those traveling with wheelchairs, baby carriages or extra-large luggage.
But as he rounds the corner he's met with groups of angry men slinging rocks at windows, smashing doors of shops, overturning carts, wagons, baby carriages, slashing at the shocked onlookers with whips, and shouting, "Kill the Jews
CBME Turkey is the third largest fair in Europe in its concept that has continuously grown for 24 years and a unique trade show sourcing platform in Turkey for products for newborn babies, children up to 16 years old and expectant mothers, including baby and maternity care products; baby carriages, car seats and furniture, home textile; baby food and healthcare products; baby's and children's clothing, footwear and accessories; maternity clothing, underwear and accessories; toys, educational products and souvenirs.
Can ia ris's installation presents a background of sorts, made from a black plastic drop cloth, in front of which found objects such as a tattered suitcase, a tricycle, a couple of battered baby carriages, a shirt and trousers on a hanger are positioned.
I once saw three women with baby carriages walking abreast the same way.
Maybe bus companies need to start charging for baby carriages, say 50p as a minimum, in order to concentrate minds and perhaps consider folding buggy use only.
Amateur runners, pet-walkers, parents pushing baby carriages and people of all ages seeking a healthier lifestyle took part in the event that started and finished at the Famagusta Gate, a former British military barracks built on a bastion from the Venetian era that created the circular 500-year-old walls of the capital.
8 percent, while the exports of baby carriages and sports goods increased by 54.
What was amazing," Jackson said, "was watching so many young ladies with baby carriages having to push those carriages from one building on one side of the post to get something done, to another across the way on the other side of post to get something else done.
Bulky and irregularly shaped baggage, like baby carriages or rucksacks, is loaded into trays and transported automatically to the terminal point.