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a member of the baby boom generation in the 1950s

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Morgan Investment Insights "The long and short of baby boomer balance sheets" paper here.
Gallup polling at 10-year intervals since 1993 shows baby boomers leaned Democratic in 1993, were divided with a slight Republican tilt in 2003, and remained divided but with a slight Democratic tilt in 2013.
CDC announces first ever national hepatitis testing day and proposes that all baby boomers be tested once for hepatitis C.
Aside from travel, baby boomers are also rationalizing what kind of cars they drive.
The Baby Boomers, will also add to the growth of suburban development by renovating their current homes.
On the surface, Baby Boomers are a well-off group, making more money than their parents and easily acclimating themselves to buying the latest and greatest [see "Baby Boomers vs.
There was a time when baby boomer doctors reflected the "golden age of medicine," and the best-and-brightest students were attracted to the field.
While Baby Boomers tend to rely strongly on their spouse's input, however, they rarely look to their younger counterparts for buying cues.
In contrast, Baby Boomer workers are less likely to believe that their employers are supportive: Only 73 percent agree that their employers are supportive with only 25 percent who "strongly agree" and 48 percent who "somewhat agree.
For life insurers, the goal is to create life products that can take advantage of the burgeoning market of aging baby boomers in the United States, including the depth of capital available in the affluent market.
Immigration to the United States across age groups has caused the current size of the Baby Boomer group in the United States to surge to a projected total of nearly 84 million in 2006.
Howard who is known as 'The Baby Boomer Dating Guru' has released her tenth book called "Dating Over 50: A Dating Guide for Baby Boomers.
NEW YORK -- Baby Boomer and Generation Y* entrepreneurs share optimism about the economy and confidence in their ability to succeed in business, according to the OPEN Ages survey from OPEN from American Express([R]), a new survey examining the attitudes of Baby Boomer and Generation Y business owners.
The single female baby boomer demographic has emerged as a growing source of demand in the new homebuyer market.
Da Vinci's Baby Boomer Survival Guide: Live, Prosper, and Thrive In Your Retirement offers a wealth of financial advice for the American baby boomer generation.