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the larger than expected generation in United States born shortly after World War II

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In addition to the 19 portraits, a timeline of historic events that defined the baby boom generation will be displayed, featuring newsmagazines from the Newseum collection plus more than 30 iconic boomer objects, including a copy of Dr.
It said that a baby boom in the 1980s, which saw birth rates jump in England by 13% between 1982 and 1990, had created a "jilted generation" now in their late 20s and early 30s and struggling with housing costs.
There is already a "jilted generation" from the 80s baby boom unable to afford their own place, said the NHF.
The figures reveal the inpatient cost of the 55-74 age group in Newcastle, closely aligned to the baby boom generation, is almost 12 times greater than the 16-24 age group often negatively associated with binge drinking and their impact on NHS resources.
The recent baby boom can be attributed primarily to economic incentives--newly wealthy couples find they can afford to pay fines incurred from having more than one child.
2011 is barely a month old, but there seems to be a major baby boom in Hollywood with numerous A-list celebrities announcing they are expecting.
Experts said maternity services could struggle to cope with the baby boom.
Mr Ross said: "This year's baby boom has seen youngsters being born pretty much on a daily basis over the last couple of months.
A BABY boom four years ago means children in parts of Warwickshire are missing out on places at local schools.
One is statistical: the aging of the baby boom generation increased the proportion of lone mothers who are over 40.
The stunning fact is, Gens X and Y are putting the baby boom in the shade, both numerically and in sheer concentration.
Due to regional economic growth, the baby boom generation and a "favorable" political climate, enrollment at COB had risen steadily.
The Baby Boom generation is characterized by its clear dominance of the popular culture of yuppie consumerism.
Between the miners' strike, the rise of the yuppy and the property crash we managed to find enough time to start a mini baby boom.