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a child's room for a baby

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I could think about only one thing--they hadn't cleaned out the baby's room yet.
Despite the obvious difficulties in assessing temperature, only one in three parents (32%) had a thermometer in their baby's room.
Said Mary Ella Gabler, the company's founder and chief executive, "We created this line for the mother who wants her baby's room to be a softer extension of the rest of her home.
5 million home into a baby's room, complete with an antique wooden cradle and a set of boxed designer teddy bears.
Such extensive preparations go a long way to brightening baby's room, but they may not offer such good tidings for its tiny occupant.
With an external microphone connected to the transmitter unit, SoundLink can even be used as an infant monitor, re-broadcasting the sounds from a baby's room through a home stereo or radio.
When asked about the decorating trend, Hatton stated, " Nursery wall stickers allow people to decorate their baby's room using ornate and very artistic designs that are not possible with paint or wallpaper.
Known as "parental presence", the practice involves setting up a bed in the baby's room, and making a coughing sound or some other gesture when they cry so they know you are close by.
But silver items given to Kaci-Lei at her Christening had been taken from a cabinet in the baby's room.
Despite temperature being a crucial factor in many incidents, a recent survey discovered that half of parents did not know the best temperature for a baby's room it should be between 16 and 20 degrees celsius.
Among the projects: disguising ugly garages, creating stepping-stone pathways, making a Zen garden, building a wishing well and turning a carport into a baby's room.
Eight out of 10 mothers with a baby aged up to two said a lack of sleep put their partnership under immense strain and caused rows, and threequarters resorted to putting the baby into their own bed or sleeping in the baby's room to try to get some rest.
He wouldn't stop until they got up and then he led them to the baby's room where Bethany had been sick and was choking.
The WD-65000 offers a broad array of inputs for a wide variety of sources, from HDTV receivers to computers, even for a camera in the baby's room to keep an eye on the little one.
Or go into your baby's room, look at things, touch them.