baby's breath

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tall plant with small lance-shaped leaves and numerous tiny white or pink flowers

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The bride's cake featured five layers of white cake iced with buttercream and decorated with delicate baby's breath.
Wedding design and direction, as well as home decor for the day of the ceremony, were provided by Christopher Guthrie of New Orleans, Louisiana_ Christopher adorned the home with baby's breath and white roses, including an aisle covered in more than two thousand white rose petals.
Braemar: Results from the Baby's Breath Foundation tournament:
Or they can arrive in a bouquet, arranged with greenery and baby's breath in a glass vase.
Believe it or not, baby's breath is native to Russia, and that's where one of my favorite musical pieces comes from.
Annie Hayes, owner of Annie's Annuals and Perennials, introduced her to Minoan lace, which looks like Queen Anne's lace but isn't invasive and substitutes nicely for baby's breath.
Attendants wore blush crinkle chiffon, shirred floor-length gowns with strapless necklines and dark plum satin ribbon belts, Bridesmaids carried hand-tied bouquets of baby's breath and soft pink roses.
The corsage was baby's breath, white roses, and red, white and blue ribbons.
The chickeny wrist bling features a drumstick laid across a wreath of baby's breath and are available in three different styles, supposedly making it easier for the girl to match it to her gown.
Beautifully wrapped and tied with gold ribbon, complete with baby's breath and rose leaves, and adorned with a pendant symbolic of mom's gold medal status, each bouquet will arrive with a dozen packages of individually wrapped cheddar cheese for mom to enjoy on her special day and whenever she is looking for a delicious treat.
Countryside balm tends to my soul as I leave without sound, While, as pure as baby's breath, snow covers the ground.
Cherry Blossom Potted Display at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop sits pretty on a shelf or table, while White Floral Dogwood Bunch or Baby's Breath Floral Bunch will accent any vase or urn.
One is Baby's Breath, a home for neglected kids, right here in Worcester.
Pushing past Sol LeWitt's passive instructions to impassioned precision, she touches on hyperspe-cific matters ranging from the batter's frothiness to a flower's texture and frying capabilities: "If it's a light flower like baby's breath, it doesn't need more than 3 seconds to brown.