baby's dummy

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device used for an infant to suck or bite on

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Arsenal's Joel Campbell celebrates his goal against Swansea with the help of a baby's dummy <B
A calm approach, replacing the baby's dummy, sorting out the blankets and some gentle stroking, don't do any harm.
TOY poodle Lucy is in the doghouse after Stacy Skeates, of Lincoln, catches her with a baby's dummy.
Hibs striker Leigh Griffiths whipped out a baby's dummy to celebrate yesterday after shooting his side into the Scottish Cup final.
A MISCHIEVOUS puppy needed emergency surgery after swallowing a baby's dummy.
He'd arrive back at around 8am, walking up the garden path with a - wait for it - baby's dummy in his gob.
Our latest game is where my husband has a baby's dummy every night and I bottle-feed him.
The survey reveals that many women are prepared for every eventuality, with contents including spare stockings, a tape measure, a baby's dummy, spare batteries and a plastic teaspoon.
A disappointed fan pinned a giant baby's dummy on his gate this week - which is about right.
The court heard how Robins then went upstairs to fetch her baby's dummy and left the house in Torquay, Devon, without trying to comfort her friend.
I have removed many odd things from the intestines of pets during my time as a vet, from ear plugs in cats, to a baby's dummy in an accidentprone Bassett hound.
The mop-top singer, pictured above with Razz girl Laura, strolled around the backstage area of Rock Ness sucking a baby's dummy before swaggering into the press area.
One night, out of desperation to stop him snoring, she shoved the baby's dummy into her husband's mouth.
Going for walks at the beach She once found a baby's dummy at the park and carried it in her mouth like a baby.