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a coffee cake flavored with orange rind and raisins and almonds

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Babka suggests have fun family competitions (Sunday night plank off, etc.
Both pumpkin gelato and babka have been getting rave reviews.
piece of Green's Home Style Original Babka is in the same ballpark.
You may even want to start in the morning with desserts for breakfast, including New York Style Crumb Cake, Chocolate Babka, or New Orleans Beignets.
The deli offers the same large selection of handcrafted beers and sodas on tap as its first location at 1334 Oak Alley, but a totally different menu, including breads and bagels; cured meats, such as pastrami; and other classic delicatessen items, such as latkes, and desserts, rugelach and babka, all made from scratch.
Like most women, Sorokoumova used the assistance of a traditional midwife, or babka (pl.
The Bread Project - Tcho Chocolate Babka - A modern twist on this time tested Eastern European cult favorite by adding in candied orange zest, shrunk the babka, placed it lovingly in a tulip cup and voila, "the baby babka" was born.
Her granddaughter, Carol Christian, filled in the picture with her memories of Ruth's cinnamon and chocolate babka, cinnamon toast, cheese and jam blintzes, and chopped liver.
According to activist network the Local Coordination Committees, "violent shelling" of Babka village in Aleppo province led "residents to panic, and to flee.
8 Art of the Olympians showcases the work of Bob Beamon and Rink Babka.
From classic breakfast breads and doughnuts to Middle Eastern flatbreads and traditional Jewish babka, Leader (of Bread Alone bakery fame) presents recipes that reflect his philosophy of simple baking with integrity.
The Stirchley bakery will also make sweet pastries, such as Chelsea buns, croissants and brioche, as well as Tom's take on babka.
27) The diminutive babunia (granny) and its opposite babka (grandmother) are good representatives of the broader assumptions of these two translations.
Reinhart, on the other hand, borrowed from Eastern European traditions to create a restrained, almost artistic interpretation of a king cake in which he started with his babka recipe and embellished it, with only the smallest amount of icing and sprinkles.
Woods, author of Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century; Jim Babka of DownsizeDC; and Jack Hunter, radio personality and columnist.