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Indonesian wild pig with enormous curved canine teeth

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The zoo has welcomed a pair of babirusa piglets, adding to recent births for the elephants, meerkats, giraffes and orang-utans.
NEW ARRIVALS: A pair of babirusa piglets added to Chester Zoo's growing number of newborn animals
Curator Neil Dorman said: "We have bred quite a few babirusas.
Once there, they will be given unprecedented access to go behind the scenes in an awe-inspiring place where rhinos, elephants, giraffes, exotic babirusas, and hundreds of other species live side-by-side.
KEEPERS are handing out TLC to two elderly babirusas.
Orrie was one of the sealions being given a hands-on spring check this week, along with reindeers, tapirs, babirusas and alpacas.