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Indonesian wild pig with enormous curved canine teeth

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Star of the show is Arevalo, who delivers a twitchy, threatening and compelling perf as Babirusa, a kid who lives permanently on the edge.
The other four genera are Babirusa, Hylochloerus, Phacochoerus, and Potomochoerus.
Curator Neil Dorman said: "We have bred quite a few babirusas.
Babirusa are native to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi where their numbers are in serious decline due to habitat loss through logging and hunting for their meat.
Two baby Colombian black-headed spider monkeys, a species native to Colombia and Panama, arrived within a few days of each Baby babirusa in | |March other to mums Christine and Mary.
Babirusa are native to the Indonesian Island, Sulawesi where numbers are in serious decline.
Years of planning and preparation have gone into us being able to breed babirusa here.
A cave drawing of a fruit-eating pig called a pig-deer, or babirusa, dates to a minimum of 35,400 years ago.
Others have a strong sense of smell, like the bizarre-looking babirusa pig, which can easily detect the scent of ripe fruit, wafting gently through dense tropical vegetation.
Volunteers required for the Anoa Conservation Project which studies the large mammals of the Sulawesi;the Anoa (a dwarf buffalo), the Babirusa and the Sulawesi warty pig.
The zoo has welcomed a pair of babirusa piglets, adding to recent births for the elephants, meerkats, giraffes and orang-utans.
NEW ARRIVALS: A pair of babirusa piglets added to Chester Zoo's growing number of newborn animals
They also hunted wild pigs as well as the babirusa, or pig deer, so named because of its long legs and elongated tusks which curl over the head, at first glance like horns.