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Indonesian wild pig with enormous curved canine teeth

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Years of planning and preparation have gone into us being able to breed babirusa here.
Some of the zoo's five babirusa will move to a new exhibit when the Islands project recreating habitats in the Philippines, Bali, Sulawesi, Papua, Sumba and Sumatra opens in June.
Babirusa pigs are one of the most critically endangered pig species in the world, Oregon Zoo Director Tony Vecchio said in a news release.
Curator Neil Dorman said: "We have bred quite a few babirusas.
Babirusa are native to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi where their numbers are in serious decline due to habitat loss through logging and hunting for their meat.
Two baby Colombian black-headed spider monkeys, a species native to Colombia and Panama, arrived within a few days of each Baby babirusa in | |March other to mums Christine and Mary.
The zoo has welcomed a pair of babirusa piglets, adding to recent births for the elephants, meerkats, giraffes and orang-utans.