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Synonyms for babbitt

an alloy of tin with some copper and antimony

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line with a Babbitt metal

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Bill, Heller began his literary career as an imitator, aping the terse, dialogue-based, and decidedly goyish rhythms of Hemingway, William Saroyan, and John O'Hara, whose collective convictions a mature Heller would later describe as "hard-nosed, sexist attitudes embodying implicit assessments of materialism, wealth, Babbitry, and ideals of masculinity and male decency that I accepted as irreducibly pure.
Dylan had challenged American Babbitry and American racism but his lyrics were very Jewish in terms of their themes and concerns related to social injustice.
In addition to his distaste for capitalism, Hofstadter was no friend of vulgarity, smugness, bigotry, Babbitry, the Bible Belt, and the mass-mind.
According to Brown, it "grew up with America's post-war revolt against Puritanism and Babbitry.
It would seem rather obvious, given the last four years of business-as-usual babbitry in American political circles, that Mayor Jim Torrey's write-in campaign is being promoted by GOP interests behind the scenes, with the wholehearted support and collaboration of those in this community who stand to make a buck off of development - will of the people be damned.