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South African term for 'boss'

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Contact: Suzanne Baase, (217) 528-3434 or suzannebaase@illinoisengineer.
Recent reviews suggest that health risks are associated with absenteeism (Aldana, 2001; Reidel, Lynch, Baase, Hymel, & Peterson, 2001).
Headed by herbal esthetician Donna Baase, Cowgirl products infuse fresh ingredients to soothe, soften and energize chapped skin.
Donna Baase can't believe it sometimes -- a product she created has made it to the top of the world, Mount Everest, and to the bottom of the globe, Antarctica.
As a global organization, we want to have standardized practices and processes at all touch points to improve productivity and control costs," said Catherine Baase, MD, global director of health services for Dow.
Air Force and executive director of The Society of the Federal Health Agencies; Sir Mansel Aylward, CB, chair of Public Health Wales and director of the Centre for Psychosocial and Disability Research; Catherine Baase, MD, global director of health services for The Dow Chemical Company; Wayne N.
Cathy Baase, Dow's global director of Health Services, recently testified before the U.
Choosing Tellabs is the best investment we can make in our network now while also preparing for the future," said Jim Baase, vice president, CLEC operations, Ontario & Trumansburg Telephone Companies.
Our business customers have been asking about faster data services, and the T151 facilitates our fiber-to-the-business rollout by making it easy for us to deliver high-speed Ethernet along with legacy DS1 services on a pay-as-you-go basis," said Jim Baase, vice president of engineering at Fibertech.
CONTACT: Charlie Baase, +1-312-981-6769, cbaase@cosmeticsurgery.
Enthusiasm for our new auto guide is strong, we have already secured several long term commitments from local dealers and Detroit is showing tremendous interest as well," said Brian Baase, General Manager of La Raza Autos y Mas.