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The patient was a 56-year-old woman with exertional dyspnea and a diffuse mass in the posterior mediastinum on CT scan that entrapped the esophagus, bronchi, and azygos vein.
The thoracic duct receives drainage from the abdominal cavities, and lies superior to the azygos vein, close to the thoracic aorta (4).
An enlarged azygos system (azygos and hemiazygos diameters together equal greater than 10 mm) (2) associated with a posterobasal chest lesion may suggest the diagnosis.
Nonetheless, during the procedure Dake increased the level of Zahn's sedation until he was essentially unconscious, and then turned the planned 30-minute diagnostic venogram into a five-hour surgery, placing five stents in Zahn's jugular and azygos veins.
1), the stenosis was classified according to the Stanford classification [7] system into 4 types: (i) type I describes a partial obstruction of the SVC (up to 90%) with remaining patency and antegrade perfusion of the azygos vein; (ii) type II shows increasing obstruction (90-100%); (iii) type III is complete obstruction with reverse circulation in the azygos vein; and (iv) type IV is characterised by complete obstruction of the SVC and the azygos vein, with the development of collateral circulations via the chest wall and the internal mammary veins.
These early results show that performing angioplasty on azygos and jugular vein lesions may have a positive impact on the symptoms of those individuals with MS and also could be an effective palliative treatment geared toward improving their quality of life," added Ferral, the study's lead investigator.
As fever and neck swelling progressed and the patient detoriated, a posteroanterior (PA) chest X-ray (Figure 1 a) and a cervicothoracic computed tomography (CT) (Figure 1 b, 1 c) were performed which showed a necrotizing infection that extended from the neck to the level of the vena azygos along the right paratracheal region and a right sided pleural effusion.
Upper border--The lower rim of the azygos vein on the right; upper rim of the pulmonary artery on the left
The portion of the right supracardinal vein cephalad to the kidneys becomes the azygos vein; similarly, that portion on the left forms the hemiazygos system.
Surrounding tissues around superior vena cava were dissected up to azygos vein in order to examine presence of partial anormal pulmonary venosus connection and high PAPVC small-medium size was observed.