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a tiny grain

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Identification of cell abnormalities--such as the large azurophilic granules in toxic granulation, asynchronous maturation, micromegakaryocyte identification or quantitating variant lymphs--still requires a skilled human eye.
To the Editor: Large granular lymphocytic leukemia (LGLL) is a rare chronic clonal lymphoproliferative disease characterized by a persistent increase in large granular lymphocytes, which are large lymphocytes with a low nucleus to cytoplasm ratio and an abundant cytoplasm with azurophilic granules.
Electron microscopic studies suggest that these granules are formed by the fusion of azurophilic granules (9).
1,2) The appearance of TG is the result of an increase in acid mucosubstance in azurophilic granules, which stains more prominently than under normal circumstances.
It has been also observed that increased myeloperoxidase which is present in azurophilic granules of polymorphonuclear neutrophils, activity in periodontitis as compared to controls [3].
4, when viewed at a higher magnification, shows part of a polysomatic nucleus (PN) and several large globules slightly under-focused to show the superficial caps of densely azurophilic granules in the optical plane above the spheres.