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bushy annual widely grown in China and Japan for the flour made from its seeds

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Halo Halo is a traditional Filipino summer treat featuring a blend of coconut, jackfruit, azuki beans and purple yam.
Azuki beans (sweet red beans) and ice cream are also delicious accompaniments.
The source has yet to be confirmed but the German authorities thought it to be a sprouted seed mix consisting of alfalfa seeds, fenugreek, lentil and azuki beans from a farm in northern Germany.
We hypothesize that selection for the large azuki beans common among cultivars today had not yet occurred.
The exchange also provides futures trading in commodities such as soybeans, azuki beans, raw sugar and raw silk.
The RICI Committee decided to delete TGE Azuki Beans (0.
Due to the lack of liquidity on the TGE Azuki Beans contract, the Committee decided to reduce the weight of this component to 0.