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an obsolete name for nitrogen

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Aplinkos meginius rupestingai saugant uzsaldytus skystajame azote, labai dideles esti jrangos veikimo sanaudos, bet to, mokslininkai, kuriu darbas susijes su aplinkos meginiu banku, turi buti labai patyre.
Evazote is an ethylene copolymer foam from the company's Azote foam range made by impregnating the sheet under pressure with nitrogen, and then allowing it to expand.
He called nitrogen azote, which means "without life.
The fair also boasts three stages with such acts as Latin R&B group Tierra, Azote Norteno, Mary Dukes and the 32 Blues Band, Trinidad Steel Trio, Magician Jeff Martin and mariachis.
Fourcroy thought that the urine contained a higher proportion of azote (nitrogen) than other animal fluids (14).
El 8 de agosto de 1899, apenas cumplido un ano de la invasion norteamericana por el puerto de Guanica, Puerto Rico sufrio el azote del terrible huracan San Ciriaco el cual causo devastacion en las cosechas, destruccion de casas y escasez de alimentos.
WHICH gas first recognised by Antoine Lavoisier did he name azote because of its inability to support life?
As Perrin, Morris, and Maurice Daumas showed, Lavoisier treated the core elements of his system -- caloric, oxygen, and azote -- as imponderable principles, present throughout nature and subject to the laws of chemical affinity.
His speeches in prison are very interesting warnings of the dangers facing modern civilization, such as chemicals dispersed into the atmosphere, or the unjust proportion of costs borne by the Egyptian poor: "Ailleurs, les dechets bouchaient le lit du canal jusqu'audessus de sa surface, chargee de matieres petrolieres, azote, graisses melees a la terre.