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Azonic Systems' MAXGear products are designed to allow ISPs and WISPs to deliver high performance, secure, reliable broadband connectivity to residential and business users by leveraging existing networks and "last mile" wireless links providing uninterrupted access to high bandwidth applications and real-time online services.
As a technology innovator, Azonic Systems' solutions are based on our extensive experience developing and integrating leading-edge networking solutions," said Steve Chen, CEO of Azonic Systems.
Azonic Systems' unique Base Station accelerator technology increases Base Station performance resulting in higher end-user data rates.
Azonic Systems will be showcasing their MAXGear products with a live demonstration of the voice, video and data traffic between the Base Station and the Subscriber Station at the WCA International Symposium & Business Expo 2006 in San Jose, CA, January 18th - 20th, Booth #404.
In the United States alone, there are now more than 150 million wireless subscribers, according to Philip Marmina, managing director for North American real estate applications at Azonic.
Oxford Properties, principal owner of World Bank Plaza in downtown Toronto's financial district, bought into that thinking when it signed with Azonic Networks to wire this two-tower complex.
Azonic Corporation believes it will be able to obtain the consent from shareholders representing at least 51% of the issued and outstanding common stock to amend its Certificate of Incorporation for the name change.
Azonic Corporation, the current name, is not identifiable with any particular market or business, but Midland is a known name in our business sector.
Azonic Corporation plans to market low cost, wireless devices including cellular phones.
For additional information about Azonic Corporation review our periodic filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission at http://www.
Wireless Age has an investment in Azonic Corporation (OTCBB:AZOI), which plans to market low cost, wireless devices including cellular phones.
TORONTO -- Azonic Corporation (OTCBB:AZOI) today announced that it has entered a Product Strategic Alliance Agreement with CustomQuest Inc.
In October 2004, Azonic acquired certain intellectual property and other assets to introduce the "Cyclone Phone," as its solution for a "phone for the phoneless.
Azonic will be responsible for the training of CustomQuest, assist in consulting as required with contract manufacturers and assist with planned upgrades of the analog product.
Azonic and CustomQuest also agreed to co-develop a new low-cost digital technology version of the phone.