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not divided into zones


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Pachycereus pecten-aboriginum and Lysiloma divaricatum are the best bioindicators of the tropical-xeric region, in which three main types of vegetation can be distinguished; thornscrubs, thornforests on zonal soils and azonal mesquite forests on alluvial plains, and deciduous forests.
In general, wetlands are considered azonal systems due to their dependence on the hydrologic regime and local geomorphological setting, but in Argentina they show marked regional variations.
scheuchzeri is one of the very few azonal macrofossil plants in the Morien Group, as it ranges from the lowest strata at the Shoemaker Seam (Bolsovian) to the highest strata at the Point Aconi Seam (lower Cantabrian), see Bell (1938, Fig.
The regosols of southern Okinawa are azonal soils (without A and B horizons) that developed from deep unconsolidated deposits of marl-like rocks or soft minerals with no genetic horizons.
They are physiographically marine terrace, and Azonal (alluvial) and Intrazonal in nature.
The question is whether this 'combination' is the result of mechanical mixture or of azonal, mosaic cohabitation during the Late Glacial (e.