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not divided into zones


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La segunda de las categorias establecidas, la vegetacion azonal o ripisilva, comprende en este caso las formaciones de sotos y bosques galeria, propias de la ribera.
En esos casos, aunque se trate de vegetacion azonal, se han considerado a los manglares como la vegetacion potencial.
Campos rupestres stricto sensu are a Neotropical, azonal vegetation complex endemic to Brazil, forming a mosaic of rocky mountaintop "archipelagos" (Prance, 1994) inserted within a matrix of zonal vegetation, mainly in the Cerrado and Caatinga vegetation domains (Figure 1) of the Brazilian Shield in the southeastern, northeastern and central-western regions, usually in altitudes from 900 to over 2000 m asl.
La vegetacion azonal del paramo de Sumapaz fue recientemente retomada y revisada por Cleef et al.
In areas of flash floods and arroyos crossing plains, the number of small trees is much greater, to the extent that they form an azonal type of vegetation (vegetation on drainage ways).
The azonal factor--geomorphologic structure of the territory, geological structure of the catchment and its hydrogeological peculiarities, neotectonic vertical movements of the earth's crust, and inlake processes--is obviously of primary importance here.
In general, wetlands are considered azonal systems due to their dependence on the hydrologic regime and local geomorphological setting, but in Argentina they show marked regional variations.
Such parts of the relief can be regarded as somewhat azonal, because their location is not controlled by a continuous system as in the case of the other factors (Selby, 1993).
Palabras clave: Azonal, aplazar, corrosion, origen, lineamientos, causas, aumento, impreso, actuacion diferencial.
La vegetacion de ribera presenta un marcado caracter azonal, debido al alto grado de humedad existe una mayor riqueza floristica dando lugar a un crecimiento mas rapido de la misma.
scheuchzeri is one of the very few azonal macrofossil plants in the Morien Group, as it ranges from the lowest strata at the Shoemaker Seam (Bolsovian) to the highest strata at the Point Aconi Seam (lower Cantabrian), see Bell (1938, Fig.
One deals with a zonal environment, the Polar tundra, and the other is azonal, focusing on the phenomenon of insularity, that is to say, biogeographical isolation.
The soils that have developed from the marine-lacustrine sedimentary deposits around the lake shore appear to be azonal and acidic.
They are physiographically marine terrace, and Azonal (alluvial) and Intrazonal in nature.
frainetto and others, as well as silvosteppe xermesophyte meadows, on the loess plain, and of azonal vegetation growing on areas covered by sands (nowadays turned into land used for planting trees or growing crops).