azo group

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the bivalent group -N=N- united to two hydrocarbon groups

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The peak maximum temperature of dicyanate with single azo group is lower than that of a dicyanate with two azo groups present in the monomer.
Due to nitrogen, oxygen, two phenyl rings rich in [pi] electrons and azo group (-N=N-), the AYGG molecule can be adsorbed through the interaction between the lone pair of electrons of the oxygen and nitrogen atoms or the electron-rich [pi] systems of the aromatic rings and the azo group [26] and an adsorbent.
Catalytic Effect of Azo Group on the Curing Kinetics of Epoxy/Anhydride System
The photoinduced properties are strongly associated, on the one hand, with the polymer matrix properties such as the glass transition temperature, molecular weight, position of the azo group (i.
The silicon substrates (Si (111) surface) were modified with the azo groups, which were introduced by the treatment of Si (111) surface with 4,4' -azobis (4-cyanopentanoic acid).