azo dye

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any dye containing one or more azo groups

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TEHRAN (FNA)- Azo dyes are widely used in color and textile industries due to their high mechanical and thermal stability and they are applied in pharmaceutics as drug carriers.
Degradation of azo dye Orange G in aqueous solutions by persulfate with ferrous ion.
According to reports, certain types of azo dyes can break down to form "aromatic amines" when there is prolonged contact with the skin.
Wastewater from the textile dyeing and finishing industries is often polluted by azo dyes which can decompose to hazardous aromatic amines that are highly carcinogenic.
Number: E129 Name: Allura Red AC What is it: A synthetic orange-red azo dye.
And colourings, known as azo dyes, were found in five.
The study also states discs using azo dye as the data layer "had less stability in light exposure and temperature/humidity stress testing.
Its mechanism of action is unknown, but is an azo dye which appears to exert a local anesthetic action on urinary tract mucosa.
In response to recent European Union regulatory directives (76/769/EEC) relating to restrictions on the use of certain azo colorants, Dow Corning is reformulating its Molykote[R] brand industrial greases to remove azo dye compounds.
Samples S1 and S3, both of which use azo dye for the data layer, have higher error rates in both direct light exposure and extreme temperature/humidity testing.
The patented AZO dye features excellent thermal and optical properties for a wider power margin and increased sensitivity to laser light for high-speed recording.
E123, Amaranth, is an azo dye and should be avoided by people with aspirin sensitivity as it may cause urticara, a rash.
The other ones to watch out for are Tartrazine (E102) an artificial yellow food colour classified as an azo dye, as are E104, E107, E110 and E 122-4.
Here, the ink jet recording liquid produces high quality prints having high density, water resistance, light fastness and ozone-resistant images; it is also said to have good storage stability, and contains no azo dye in a mixture of water and organic solvent.